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MOUSE Wool Cat Toy | Kitten Toy

MOUSE Wool Cat Toy | Kitten Toy

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These adorable Mice cat toys are individually handcrafted from durable felted New Zealand wool. Approx. 6" long including tail. The only materials used in the making of these items are pure wool, natural soap, and water. Azo-free dyes make the toys safe and non-toxic for your pet.

It is very important to offer your kitties "solo object toys" to bat around and discover when you are not home to entertain them.
-Pawsitively perfect for solo play time
-Encourages cats to display instinctual behavior like kicking and wrestling with the toy

Will make a lovely gift for cats and cat lovers.

*Advice for use: This toy is for cats only. Dog owners- make sure the toy is large enough to not be swallowed by your dog.

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