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Long Tail Mouse Wool Cat Toy Teaser- Gary Mouse

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Every kitty needs a mouse toy!
Just look at that face! Is it a mouse? A rat? Or is it the PREDATOR? You decide. But your kitty won't care and will have fun with it either way.
Great toy for bonding with your cat and for hours of fun. It encourages cats to display instinctual behavior like kicking and wrestling. Perfect gift for cats and cat lovers.
~The mice are handmade from high-grade all-natural wool from New Zealand.
~Mouse body: 3.5"
~Total Length: 46"
Cats love the strong smell of wool, but you can always dust the toy with catnip or spray with catnip spray.
Due to the handmade origin of the items please allow minor differences in size, shape, and color.

Perfect gift for cats and cat lovers!